Hello 2020 - Sew Tilley

Hello 2020

'The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written' - Melody Beattie

It was the year that a lost continent was discovered in the Mediterranean, Kylie Jenner became the worlds youngest billionaire at the age of 21, A British Airways flight to Düsseldorf ended up in Edinburgh Scotland and Avengers: Endgame was the top grossing film.

2019 for me was a roller-coaster of a year. We as a family had to deal with the 1st anniversary of the loss of our grandad, days before we said our finale goodbye to our wonderful Nan, all within January. We have had bumps in the road thrown at us by people who are quite frankly jealous of how far Sew Tilley has come and spent many hours worrying and questioning if we are doing the right thing.

Over the past year we have discovered some amazing small business and some wonderful people who have supported us and grown friendships with. The world of a small business owner is hard but we know we are not alone. 

This little business has grown far quicker than we would have ever imagined, with orders going world wide with regular orders coming in from the USA and as far as Australia. 

We have leant so much about the small business world, running our own business and that actually taking a leap in to the unknow is sometimes not a bad decision.
2020 sees new challenges and changes ahead, after all life is never plain sailing. We have planned all we can plan, have changes to make (we are currently redesigning the website!) and are ready to hit this year running with a bang!
There have been so many makes this year I couldn't pick a favourite. However, I have to say out of all the new items, hairbows, keyrings and jewellery I really enjoy getting creative with after spending hour after hour sewing. I also enjoyed making the new personalised lampshades and glow in the dark t's! What are your favourite items made by Sew Tilley? I would love to hear! Pop a comment below!

I would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone that had supported us over the last year, just words of encouragement or placing an order, it all means so much. It doesn't cost anything to support a small business, just sharing their name can lead to bigger things. 

Happy New Year!


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