How is a memory keepsake created? Unique gifts to give.

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Handmade memory keepsake bear by sew Tilley.Has your little one has out grown his first clothing and you don't know what to do with them as they hold such special memories. Or may be your loved one has passed away but you can't part from that special top they loved wearing? These handmade creations mean you can treasure those items of clothing for years to come and not let them gather dust in the back of the cupboard or boxed away and not seen for years! Did you know? Memory keepsakes can also make perfect unique gifts too!


 But how are these precious items created?

Here is an example of the process with a super cute lion keepsake.


Firstly, the lion template is drawn around on interfacing. This helps to stablise the pieces of clothing, meaning that a range of different fabrics can be used for each keepsake. Once it has been roughly cut around, it is then ironed on to the clothing.

Memory keepsakes made from baby clothing by Sew Tilley

The pattern pieces are carfully placed to make full use of design and embroidery that they may have. This process can take anywhere up to 3 Hours depening on the animal and patterens on the clothing. 

Memory keepsake lion made from baby clothing by Sew Tilley

Once the pieces are ironed and cut out, they are then marked with the eye position and are stitched together.

 This lion pattern takes 30 pieces to create, with 11 pieces used to create the head!

Memory keepsake Lion Handmade by Sew Tilley

Next the body is created and the tummy, legs, foot pads and the tail are all stitched together. Finally the head can be stitched to the body. 

Before turning in the right way, the safety toy eyes are inserted. Once in the right way, this super cute lion can be brought to life. The keepsakes are stuffed with soft toy filling. 

Handmade memory keepsake lion made from loved ones clothing by Sew TilleyThis memory keepsake was a birth weight lion. This means it was also filled with heavy steel filling that when complete, will also weigh the same as the baby at birth. 

Once stuffed it can be sewn up using a ladder stitch on its back and is all ready to be send back to his forever home!

Memory keepsake lion handmade by Sew Tilley from loved ones clothing Personalised Memory keepsake lion handmade by Sew Tilley from loved ones clothing Memory keepsake lion handmade by Sew Tilley from loved ones clothing



Unique Gifts to give

 Memory keepsake also make the perfect gifts to give. From a retirement gift made for a uniform for a colleague, a keepsake made from baby clothes for a grandparent or for a family member made from a loved ones outfit. As we can personalise all our items, we can add a little message too. your orders can also be posted directly to the person you are gifting to as an extra element of surprise!


Want to know more about the different memory keepsake items you can have created click here


A Funky Friends Factory pattern was used to make these keepsakes. you can find them here


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