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Make your own Kits!

Sew Tilley make your own kits

This past month i have been focusing my attention on a whole new range of products. The frist to be released is a Make Your Own Coaster kit, featuring a technique called English Paper Piecing, or Epp for short.


What is English paper piecing? 

The name comes from the fact that it became popular in the 1800's in Britain. It is a quilting technique that consists of a paper piece template that the fabric is wrapped/folded around. Once 2 pieces are sewn together the paper templates are removed leaving the shape you have just stitched. It sounds complicated but it is actually easy!

With English paper piecing, you don't need to be able to cut the shapes out precisely or be able to sew straight lines, the paper pieces do all the hard work for you!

Handmade Coaster by Sew Tilley

So how do you do it?

  •  First you need your desired paper shapes. The new coaster kits will consist of 2 inch hexagon paper pieces.
  • Next, with your chosen fabrics, you will need these to be around half an inch bigger than your paper pieces. They don't need to be exactly 1/2 inch, just as long as you can wrap them around the paper pieces.
  • Once you have your fabric and paper shapes, you need to baste them together. There are a few ways you can baste you pieces:
  1. Stitch baste through the fabric and paper piece. This is one of the easiest ways to baste and the stitches will need to be removed after you have finished, although it means putting holes in the paper pieces which if used correctly can be reused many times.
  2. Stitch baste just the fabric at the back. This technique is a little more fiddly and time consuming
  3. Glue baste. This is my preferred way to baste. Its quick and easy and I find it holds the fabric in place better. 
  • Stitching the shapes together. Just like the basting there is more than one way to stitch the shapes together. I prefer to use a whipstitch.

Sew Tilley EPP stitching


Match 2 straight edges together that are to be sewn, with the right sides together. working from right to left, bring your thread through the front of the fabric to the back, repeat this step along your shape, being careful to only catch the fabric and not go through the paper. The smaller the stitches the less you will see them on the front.

 Once you have stitched your pieces together you can lightly press with an iron (or finger press!) and remove the paper shapes.

This can then be made in to a larger project or appliqued on to a quilt, bag, cushion or what ever you chose!


So what's in the new kits?

Your kit will contain everything you will need to make 2 full coasters.

  • Pre-cut fabric hexagons
  • Pre-cut paper hexagons
  • Backing felt
  • Needle
  • Thread to sew your shapes
  • Embroidery thread to blanket stitch the top of the coaster to the backing felt
  • Full instructions

All you will need to supply is a pair of scissors(to cut the threads) and a pen (optional to draw around the top on to the backing felt)!

 Sew Tilley make your own kits


Head over to the Facebook group where you will find videos too on how to make your coaster or show off your makes and chat with others 



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