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The birth of a little one is one of the most exciting and memorable moment in a mother's life. The first few days fly by and before you know it, they are crawling and babbling away, the sleepless nights are a thing of the past, your newborn will be a toddler in a blink of the eye. Capture those first few days and week with a special memory keepsake from their first clothes, weighing the same as they did the day you became parents.

You can personalise your keepsake with their name, date of birth and their birth weight. Which can be lovingly embroidered on to your keepsake.

What do you need for your memory keepsake to be created?

Your keepsake memory animal can be made out of any item of fabric from baby clothes to adults clothing to bedding or tea towels. Ultimately this means if it can be cut and sewn it can be turned in to a keepsake! 

your animal will require 6-8 items of baby clothing.  With items smaller than 0-3 months, please send a minimum of 10. Any of your items that are unused, they will be returned with your animal.

How to personalise your keepsake:

When placing your order please choose the animal you would like. In the box please add the weight you would like your animal and any wording you would like embroider on.

You can also find out more information about memory keepsakes by visiting the information page.


When you place your order, the conformation email will contain all the information on how to send your items.

Your memory keepsake animals are made using a Funky Friends Factory pattern. 

More keepsakes can be here.


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