Mummy cushion

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Celebrate your mum with our personalised mum cushion.

Choose up to 2 children. Child arms can be rotated if required. 

This design is printed on to a super soft 40cm x 40cm and the option to include the cushion pad (inner)

Looking for more than 2 children? This design will be printed on both sides of the mug. Therefor if you would like more than 2 children, each side can have different children colours. please provide this in the 'Other' Box for example:  Child 3 : arm 1 hair 2, Child 4 arm A hair 9.


Body colour: choose the main colour from 4 options

Mum hair colour: 26 different options

Child one: choose from 26 different arm colours from little children to older children

Child one hair: choose from 15 different hair styles.

Child two: *Not required* Same process as child one.

Wording: Add 'Super mum' 'Super Mom' or any wording you would like in to the 'wording' Box.

*Design may be larger than shown.

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